Favorite places in Paris : Le Jardin de l’hôtel de Sully


Favorite places in Paris : Le Jardin de l’hôtel de Sully

Being back in Paris after such a long time, I could finally realize how lucky I was to live in such a magical place, where you feel the weight of its long history at every corner.


I would like to introduce you to some of my favorite places, they aren’t the most tawdry ones, but they have the most beautiful discreet charm.


I was lucky enough to have my junior high school and high school located in the Bastille area, and my playground was the most beautiful Place des Vosges.

幸いなことに、私の中学、高校はBastille付近にあり、遊び場は Place des Vosgesでした。

Spending so much time there, I could find while strolling around a jewel of French architecture, a safe haven : le Jardin de l’hôtel de Sully.

常にまだ見たことのない場所を訪れてみたかったため、昼休憩の時間は街を散歩して過ごしました。その中で、静かで荘厳なフランス建築の代表であるLe Jardin de l’hôtel de Sullyを見つけました。

It is located at the 62 rue Saint-Antoine in the Marais (IVeme arrondissement). The hôtel particulier (private mansion) surrounding the garden was built from 1625, initiated by Henry IV and supervised by Maximilian of Bethune, Duke of Sully. The latter acquired the hotel in 1634 and it remained in the family of Sully until the mid-eighteenth century. Madame de Sevigne and Voltaire were guests of this very special place.

4区にあるマレ地区のSaint Antoine通り62番地に佇むL’hôtel particulier de Sully(個人所有の邸宅)に囲まれた庭は、アンリ4世(Henry IV)の注文により、1625年から建設が開始されました。Maximilian of Bethune、Duke of Sullyの監督の下、作られました。後者が1634年に購入し、十八世紀までSully家の物でありました。Madame de SevigneとVoltaireは、まさにこのhôtel particulier de Sullyを訪ねました。

Nowadays, it is the seat of the Centre des monuments nationaux (national organization responsible for the national heritage sites.). It has been listed since 1862 as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture.

現在、このHôtel de Sullyはフランス文化庁の国家責任機関、遺跡国家になり、1862年からフランス文化省の記念史跡として上場しています。

photos : Klara Blanc
Model : Ambre Renard

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